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Help Center

Please note that these FAQs will continue to be built out over time as we receive your feedback and questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

General Support

  • Training/navigation of the app

  • Assisting agents with sign up, etc.

  • Capturing ideas/features agents would like to see in the App.

  • Capturing feedback for areas of improvement

Technical Support

  • Adding new agents in between the monthly in/out roster reports

  • Coordinating with our development team any technical issues/tickets.

  • How do I sign up for KeyPleaz®?
    Download the App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, once it is on your phone, please look for the sign up button located at the bottom right side of the initial screen.
  • How do I reset my password?
    KeyPleaz® has a reset password button underneath the login button that allows you to update your password on-demand.
  • Why do I need to include my cell phone number in the App?
    The app uses your cell phone number as the primary means to communicate with other agents and buyers.
  • My brokerage ID or license number doesn’t work and I cannot sign up?
    Please send a note to KeyPleaz® Support at and they will assist you in the sign up process.
  • Do I have to give access to my location?
    Yes, this is how KeyPleaz® coordinates property location with agent availabilities in that vicinity.
  • Is ShowingTime accessible in the KeyPleaz® app?
    Not at this time. If you use ShowingTime to schedule appointments, you will need to do so the traditional way through that application.
  • Why can I not use my Apple account for payment? Why do I have to enter my credit card?
    KeyPleaz® uses Stripe for payment processing, this allows the app to seamlessly transfer payments from one agent to the next, enabling both deposits and payment through the system.
  • How do I know that the available keys (agents) are from my brokerage?
    KeyPleaz® only allows agents to see other agents from their brokerage. This is defined by the Brokerage License Number.
  • How do I update my payment information in Stripe once I have already established an account?
    Go to “My Payments” in KeyPleaz® and click on the orange button to take you to Stripe. Once you see the Home Page for Stripe, click on the edit button next to the bank card/account information to update your payment information.
  • How do I get paid after the showing?
    Once you finish the showing, you will click on the complete button on your showing details. That will activate the payment process.
  • I am unable to click the "i" icon button. Why is all of the text on the screen running together?
    This is most likely due to your text size. You can scale down text size by going you’re your phone settings > accessibility > display and text size.
  • What are the guidelines for showing agents and open house agents?
    KeyPleaz® provides helpful tip sheets/guidelines on their website for Showings and Open Houses – please refer to
  • Who has the responsibility to schedule the showing with the Listing Agent? The Hiring Agent or the Showing Agent?
    Just as it’s done today, the Hiring Agent will confirm that the showing is approved and/or communicate to the Showing Agent that they need to schedule the showing.
  • As a Showing Agent, how do I let the Hiring Agent know the Buyer’s feedback after I show them a property?
    The Showing Agent should text the Hiring Agent any feedback and information they have gathered from the showing via text messaging.
  • Can I schedule a Showing the day of? (same day)
    Yes, the power of KeyPleaz® allows for Hiring Agents to find available agents to assist with both Showings and Open Houses within minutes.
  • As a Hiring Agent, how do I cancel a showing request that is no longer needed?
    There should be a “red” circle that with a line through it that says “cancel”.
  • How do I know where the showing location is before I accept the opportunity?
    Go into My Opportunities and click on the little “i” next to the opportunity and the address will drop down so that you can see the showing details.
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