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Elevate Your Real Estate Career with KeyPleaz®
Welcome to KeyPleaz®, the premier on-demand assistance platform designed specifically for real estate agents. Our innovative app connects busy professionals with their peers within the brokerage, enabling seamless collaboration and support for home showings, open houses, and various real estate tasks. Whether you're delivering a lockbox, granting access to contractors, or arranging open house signage, KeyPleaz® has got you covered.

Why Choose KeyPleaz®?

  1. Boost Your Sales: Agents leveraging KeyPleaz® report selling 10-30% more properties by dynamically expanding their team.

  2. ​24/7 Client Service: Ensure your clients receive exceptional service anytime, anywhere, by quickly finding available licensed agents to assist with property viewings.

  3. Safety and Security: Our platform mandates that agent license numbers are linked to brokerage license numbers, protecting against unauthorized access and ensuring a secure environment.

  4. Brokerage-Driven Approach: KeyPleaz® maintains exclusive brokerage user agreements, keeping accurate agent rosters and ensuring compliance with state license laws.

  5. Agent-Centric Design: Built by agents for agents, KeyPleaz® features input from an active user group, continuously refining the platform to meet real-world needs.

  6. Flexible Service Rates: Agents can set their own rates for services, with transparent display for all opportunities, ensuring fair compensation.

Our Esteemed Partners
KeyPleaz® collaborates with leading brokerages nationwide, including Keller Williams, eXp Realty, REAL Broker, and others under Anywhere Real Estate, Inc. and HomeServices of America. Our extensive coverage and diverse partnerships highlight our commitment to supporting agents across various locations.

Recognition and Awards
In 2023, KeyPleaz® was honored by Inman as one of the top 13 essential apps for real estate agents, underscoring the value and impact of our platform within the industry.

Join the KeyPleaz® Community
Empower your real estate career with KeyPleaz®. Sign up today to experience the benefits of seamless collaboration, enhanced success, and unparalleled support. Download our app today!


Why KeyPleaz®

​With 20% of the Agents doing 80% of the transactions, THEY NEED HELP! The other 80%, need extra experience & money to grow their real estate business. KeyPleaz®️ has tens of thousands of agents on our platform across the country, connecting busy agents with available agents, all within their brokerage, quickly and efficiently!

In a market where every second counts, we ensure you're always a tap away from making that crucial connection.

Instant Connections

We believe in a world where property access shouldn't be bound by time. With KeyPleaz®, it isn't.

24/7 Property Access

Grow your team virtually. With KeyPleaz®, you have an army of professionals ready to assist, without the overheads.

Team Expansion

Here's why countless real estate professionals are choosing KeyPleaz®:

KeyPleaz® is the ultimate tool for real estate agents looking to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and overall success. Our innovative platform connects you with available peers within your brokerage, providing seamless support for home showings, open houses, and various real estate tasks.


Maximize Your Sales Potential

With KeyPleaz®, you can maximize your sales potential by dynamically expanding your team as needed. Agents using our platform report selling 10-30% more properties by strategically leveraging their brokerage's resources.


Flexible Scheduling

Clients expect 24/7 service from their agents, and KeyPleaz® helps you meet those expectations. Whether you need assistance with a last-minute showing or coverage for an open house, our app allows you to quickly find a licensed agent to step in, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.


Enhance Client Satisfaction

Providing exceptional service is key to building strong client relationships. KeyPleaz® enables you to offer on-demand property viewings and timely assistance, enhancing your clients' experience and satisfaction.


Safety and Security

Your safety is our priority. KeyPleaz® requires all agents' license numbers to be linked to their brokerage's license number, ensuring that only verified professionals can access the platform. This stringent verification process protects you and your clients from unauthorized individuals.


Collaborative Growth

KeyPleaz® fosters a culture of collaboration within brokerages. By supporting each other with tasks, seasoned agents can provide mentorship, and newer agents gain valuable experience. This mutual support system promotes professional growth and success for all agents involved.


Set Your Own Rates

With KeyPleaz®, you have the flexibility to set your own rates for services. This transparency ensures that you know exactly what you will be paid before accepting any task, giving you full control over your earnings.


Industry Recognition

KeyPleaz® has been recognized by Inman as one of the top 13 essential apps for real estate agents in 2023. This acknowledgment underscores the value and impact of our platform within the real estate industry.


Join the KeyPleaz® Community

Take your real estate career to the next level with KeyPleaz®. Sign up today to experience the benefits of enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, and superior client service.

Empower Your Real Estate Career with KeyPleaz®


What Our Clients Say

"I used to stress about not being available for every client's home viewing. With KeyPleaz®, I can now ensure they always have access, even when I'm tied up. It's a game-changer for real estate agents like me!"

-Sarah M. from Atlanta, Georgia

"KeyPleaz® is a game changer!  Thanks to KeyPleaz® our agents will be able to service our clients more efficiently by showing properties faster and selling properties faster."

-Jean Rawls, KW Operating Partner, The Rawls Group

"KeyPleaz® is leverage for agents. KeyPleaz® is leverage for quick showings, quick contracts, and better time management."

-Bob Kilinski, KW Regional Operating Partner, SE Region

"​KeyPleaz® has revolutionized the way I manage property viewings. Connecting with available agents in real-time means no more missed opportunities. Every agent needs this app!"

-​David L. from New York, New York

"In an on demand market, KeyPleaz® addresses a pain point for busy agetns and their clients. KeyPleaz® is a value added tool and doesn’t cost the brokerage anything but it brings a tremendous amount of value, it leverages the power of our brokerage while creating a community, enabling all KW agents to be successful."

-Andy Peters, KW Operating Partner, Georgia Legacy Group

"KeyPleaz® connects all of our agents together.  Its wonderful to have a tool that connects all o four agents together and inventory of 3 different offices seamlessly. "

- Loredana Ghete, KW North Atlanta, CEO & Team Leader

"KeyPleaz® is the perfect tool for both recruitment and retention of top agents. It also gives our new agents confidence and allows them to grow and pick up some extra cash along the way."

-Aubrey Bailey,  KW Operating Partner, CEO & Team Leader

"KeyPleaz® has completely transformed my approach to handling property viewings. The ability to seamlessly connect with agents in real-time has eradicated the possibility of missing out on valuable opportunities. "

-John H. Charlotte , NC

Join Our Journey

As we continue our journey, we invite you to be a part of it. Whether you're a real estate professional, a potential partner, or someone with a keen interest in real estate tech, there's a place for you at KeyPleaz®. Together, let's shape the future of real estate.

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